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Other Services

Other Services Chiropractic, Massage, Nutritional and more
Better Back and Body takes pride in offering a full array of services to get our patients back to full health.  We do this by combining traditional chiropractic care with spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and naturopathic care to deliver an unprecedented level of service. If you have questions about of the services we offer at our Kirkland natural health facility please don’t hesitate to call us, we’ll be happy to talk with you.
Naturopathic Services

Naturopathic medicine blends centuries-old natural, non-toxic therapies with current advances in the study of health and human systems, covering all aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatric care. Naturopathic medicine concentrates on whole-patient wellness. The treatment is tailored to the patient and emphasizes prevention and self-care. Naturopathic medicine attempts to find the underlying cause of the patient’s condition rather than focusing solely on symptomatic treatment. Naturopathic physicians cooperate with all other branches of medical science referring patients to other practitioners for diagnosis or treatment when appropriate. Call Better Back and Body to learn more about naturopathic medicine in Kirkland.

Acupuncture is a comprehensive system of medicine based in classical Chinese philosophy. Yin, Yang, Qi, Wu Hsing, Zang Fu – these are common terms used in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While it is the needle that defines acupuncture visually, there is far more than needles, including moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, herbs, tuina, and qigong.
Better Back and Body’s Dr. Andrei Mousasticoshvily trained at Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine, one of the oldest Universities of Chinese medicine in the world. Many famous physicians in Chinese Medicine have taught in this university throughout the centuries.

Acupuncture is a technique involving the insertion of fine needles into the skin at select points of tenderness. The practice dates back as much as 4,000 to 5,000 years. Acupuncture is based on the Yin, Yang, Qi, and Zang Fu theories and more modern theories as well. Yin / Yang – in optimal health, Yin and Yang are in the perfect balance, the ebb and flow of the tides, day and night, hot and cold. Qi is the energy and potential energy that courses throughout the organism and defines what we call life. The lack of proper Qi flow in the human system can result in numerous illnesses.

The diagnosis procedure is different from Western medical models as it entails observing physical clues, such as looking at the tongue, eyes, voice, hair, nails, skin, face in general, as well as taking the pulse. To take a pulse three fingers are placed at a particular position on both wrists, which helps the acupuncturist understand the patient’s body by reflecting each organ on each finger. Acupuncture can treat many conditions.

If you would like to learn more about any of the services offered at Better Back and Body’s Kirkland office, please give our friendly team a call at (425) 629-0326. We will be happy to answer any questions or to schedule you an appointment today.

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