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Dr. Krause and Maggie are AMAZING!!! They were recommended to me by another doctor and I've gone to see them for years.
~ Stanislav Z.

Super relaxing. The staff is all about making you comfortable and be as relaxed as you can. Leave your cell phones behind and enjoy your time here.
~ Charlie L.

Dr. Krause is terrific. Great staff and very friendly service. I would recommend Better Back and Body advanced wellness to anyone in need of chiropractic care.
~ Jay G.

I started seeing Galina Lemke for prenatal massage about 25 weeks into my pregnancy. I was having severe upper back and shoulder pain. It has gotten so bad that the pain has started to radiate down my arm. After one appointment, my shoulder pain and arm pain felt so much better! Within a few days of the massage, the pain was gone. I've been going back for a massage every two weeks since then to prevent any other pregnancy-related pain (I'm almost 36 weeks now). Galina is fantastic! She's very friendly, professional, and her massages are amazing. I highly recommend seeing her!
~ Maggie A.

I've been going to Dr. Krause from Better Back and Body for years. Dr. Krause is amazing at what he does and his team is exceptional. My husband and I both go to him as we are both very active, but have also been in multiple car accidents. Regardless if you live on the Eastside or in Seattle, Dr. Krause delivers great care and you do walk out feeling better. Most importantly, that feeling lasts!! We always come back for tune ups.
~ Elena Z.

I have been coming to this place for years. Dr. Krauss is very good. Never does unnecessary adjustments, very light, and non invasive, but always exactly what's needed.
~ Roman T.

If I Could Give a Higher Rating Than 5 Stars I would
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Krause's care since I've been going to him for my back pain and mobility issues for the past 3 months. He has all the great qualities that you would hope a Chiropractor would possess. He's very knowledgeable, thorough, and most importantly, compassionate and concerned about your well-being. If I could give him a higher rating than 5 stars I would. He's become a confidant and a friend through this experience. I'm skeptical by nature so it speaks volumes when I feel or say I can trust someone. You won't regret the care or service you receive from Dr. Krause because he'll do everything in his power to help.

Maggie is the sweetest and kindest person you'll ever meet. She has been nothing but helpful with scheduling appointments and communicating with Dr. Krause about any issues. When you walk into the warm and inviting atmosphere of the office you're greeted with a big smile each and every time. My wife thinks she's the greatest person, as well.

If you're currently seeing a different Chiropractor then you're not getting the best care out there. I will always stand by Dr. Krause and his amazing team.
~ Henry M. ~ Yelp Review

It Only Takes One Treatment to Know You Made the Right Choice
My greatest wish would be that I could convince everyone in need of recovery from severe back pain would first see Dr Krause before being conned into an expensive, unnecessary treatment plan at an assembly-line spinal relief clinic.

Dr Krause took over after I walked out on another local chiropractic clinic that was far more interested in how much money they could extract from me than the care I was given. For the most part, in almost 2 hour sessions, technicians without proper medical knowledge of the spine were in charge of everything being done to relieve the pain from a protruding disc and I got 3-5 minutes with the chiropractor. Dr Krause has NO TECHNICIANS - he does all the work on you himself and with unmatched skill.

With Dr Krause you can expect honesty, a treatment plan that is for your benefit, results that can be measured at every treatment, all your questions answered in terms you can understand, and all with such incredible care. He and his staff are absolutely invested in the treatment they provide and the well-being of every single patient.

If you really do need decompression, it won't be administered by a fancy lit up machine and unskilled techs, you won't be hit with a massive bill that must be paid upfront, you won't be spending all day every day in a big belt, or handed a bag full of supplements and fish oil that you may or may not already be taking, probably don't need, and didn't know you were buying at the rate of nearly $200 for the assortment. You won't find yourself walking around the halls waiting for a table to become vacant so a chiropractor can pretend to do an adjustment on you (the necessary touch-point for pretending you are being cared for by a licensed and trained chiropractor) for 3-5 minutes.

All of your treatment is done by Dr Krause. It only takes one treatment to prove that you made the right choice in going to him.
~ J.R. ~ Yelp Review

All I have to say is: AMAZING!
I was having some major lower back pains (like can't sit, walk, stand at all kind-of-pain) so I looked on Yelp for a chiropractor nearby. I came across Dr. Krause's practice and read through the reviews. Let me tell you, they are all accurate!

The office is a very inviting space and atmosphere. Maggie is SUPER nice, friendly and helpful. Initially, they could not take my health insurance, but Maggie decided to check with them anyway just in case. She also called around to other chiropractors in the area to see if someone could take me with my insurance. Of course, she did this all with a HUGE smile on her face.

However, because I was in a lot of pain, Dr. Krause decided to see me anyway and squeeze me in between other clients. He took down my history and then we were off to x-rays. He thoroughly explained what he saw in the x-rays and where to focus the work on. As we moved past the x-ray portion of the consultation, he talked me through all of his equipment as well as his normal routine. I felt really comfortable with him the entire time and he made sure I understood every part of the consultation.

Next was the adjustment. Let's just say that I walked away with less pain than I had started, which was fantastic. He really does know what he's doing!
~ Julianna M. ~ Yelp Review Dr. Paul Krause is a Gifted Chiropractor

...and the best that I have encountered in my many years of visiting chiropractors. I have been to some who crank out their patients like fast-food hamburgers - thank heavens he is not one of them. I find Dr. Krause to be highly intuitive when it comes to his work. He's gentle, thorough, and I get terrific results. I highly recommend him if you need help with your neck, back, and shoulders.
~ Annette H. ~ Yelp review

Dr. Krause and his staff are very caring..I have been to a couple different Chiropractors throughout the years and while good, they have nothing on Dr. Krause. He and his staff are very caring, SUPER friendly, and the office is nicely decorated and set up. I usually bring my 2 kids as I am a stay at home mom, and Dr. Krause, Maggie, and Kim are always so happy to see them and don't mind that my kids practically get into everything. Haha.

Most importantly, since seeing Dr. Krause I feel 110% better than I have in a long time. That is also in part to the wonderful Massage Therapist, Patty. I have found that incorporating massages with the Chiropractic care has been a huge help and what a stress relief!! This place is about the only doctor's office I look forward to going to!!! I will totally recommend Dr. Krause and Patty to everyone I know!
~ Andrea H. ~ Yelp review

I love Dr. Krause and his staff...
I recently moved to Kirkland and found Dr. Krause on yelp. I think his reviews are right on. I like the atmosphere of his office - and everyone is VERY friendly.

Dr. Krause was very in-depth on my initial exam. He took x-rays in various ways so that he could see not only how my spine aligned, but how it moved. He takes a very mechanical approach to healing the body. It all works together, so it needs to be aligned. I like it!

I also appreciated that he doesn't push a hard sell. I've been to chiropractors who want to sell you moving into their office for 6 visits a week... I've gone to the chiropractor regularly since I can remember. I just need an occasional adjustment and I feel great.

After 2 short weeks, my neck is less tense and I feel great! If you are new to the area- check Dr. Krause at Better Back and Body out. You won't be sorry.
~ Angela V. ~ Yelp review

Excellent Chiropractor!!!
I had back pain from falling in a snowboard accident last year. I felt so much better after seeing Dr. Krause. He takes time to look at my issue and always gives me some good advice. My back had not bothered for almost half a year now.
~ Rose G ~ Yelp Review I can't imagine going anywhere else...

I was a little apprehensive of trying another chiropractor after my first experience. But after reading the reviews about Dr. Krause, I decided that I would give one last try. I was very impressed not only from the staff at the front desk, but Dr. Krause himself. He was very thorough, asking me questions and explaining things to me in ways I could understand. I also liked the fact that he took x-rays and did not want to start treatment until he looked at them. He went over everything he saw in my x-rays and told me what he wanted to achieve with treatments and how he would go about it. I feel very comfortable when I am there and after a week I am already feeling much better. I can't imagine going anywhere else after visiting Dr. Krause. He has a new customer for life!
~ M D. ~ Yelp Review

Dr. Krause is world class!!!
I have seen many chiropractors in the past. Dr. Krause is world class!!! His staff is great too, and he bills insurance. I've had massage therapy in the past as well, and the best I've ever had was right there at Better Back and Body!! I Highly recommend them to anyone in need of Chiropractic care or looking for a good massage in the Kirkland area.
~ cj.j ~ Yelp Review

Wouldn't go anywhere else
I've been going to Dr.Krause for about 5 years now. I've been a long time chiropractic patient before seeing Dr. Krause, but I wouldn't go anywhere else at this point. Dr. Krause takes the time to understand the individual situation of each patient and provides very specific care for each patient. I highly recommend Dr. Paul Krause if you're looking for a chiropractor in the Kirkland area.
~ Paul F ~ Yelp Review

Love Dr. Krause and his staff!
From the start, my phone call to make a chiropractic appointment was totally painless. In fact, it was downright pleasant thanks to Maggie! Even over the phone she really makes you feel likes she's genuinely happy that you called her. This was no simple phone act as she was this way in person as well. Definitely one of the sweetest, happiest people I've ever met. If more people were like her the world would be a much better place.

Dr. Krause himself was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was all about explaining EVERY step and I never felt he was just trying to push services on me in order to get that tasty Microsoft insurance payout. His tools are top of the line and the office itself is very sleek and comfortable. After only two chiropractic adjustments I actually feel like I'm walking taller, my back pain is greatly reduced, and my neck even looks longer.
~ Amber J. ~ Yelp Review
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